Roma ★★★★★

Roma is probably the best film I have seen this year. 

The story of a housekeeper in 70s Mexico was told with such grace and care, everything in it happens for a reason and Yalitza Aparicio as Cléo embodies the qualities of motherhood, hardwork, and strength. Cléo and Sofia, though so different, share similarities and they understand each other deeply, as they are both let down by men in their lives but choose to keep going and dedicate themselves to the people around them. I think the film is about the continuity / constant in life, I think. Through the countless horrible situations the characters steer though, they are able to move past it through time. The cinematography was amazing, I marvelled over the tracking shots of Mexico City, Alfonso Cuarón is truly a genius. I felt like knew the layout of the house and the neighbourhood geographically, which increased the tactility of this film experience. Roma is definitely a must watch and I cannot stop thinking about it.

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