Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★

Not sure how to explain why I didn't love this, so I'll start with what I did like: I LOVED the costumes and how Joy looks like a Bjork album cover towards the end of the movie. The editing was good. The visuals were a lot of fun, I loved all the confetti and glitter throw up. The lighting was great!! Visually the movie was great!! Also having to do something statistically improbable to jump universes was very silly and was a fun rule!

I will admit my own fault that I probably went into this with higher expectations than I should have. I think I assumed the scale of the movie would be bigger and they would be jumping and running through different universes and different settings the entire time. And in the one fight scene they do that I loved it! I got so sick of that ugly office building so fast. I just wanted them to leave and be in any of the other universes and fighting anywhere else so fucking bad. This is probably my fault because I expected this to be like the Family Guy Multiverse episode, so maybe that's not a valid criticism.

What I disliked the most about the movie was the dialogue and humor. I haven't seen any other Daniels movie but I don't think their sense of humor aligns with mine. I thought the Ratatouille bit was funny, but got annoyed at the other characters finding it as funny as they did. It just felt really Marvel to me. Also they do Family Guy style bits the whole time like random throwing up. The first hour and a half of the movie is just having things being explained and I feel like character relationships get thrown to the side for like half of the movie.

I think the "positive nihilism" theme of the movie is just the most millennial, reddit philosophy ever. I don't know how to elaborate on that, it's just this feeling I get. I don't know. Maybe I'm just a hater. It's more likely this just wasn't for me because I have a different brand of mommy issues. Watching this just made me want to rewatch The Matrix.

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