The Great Beauty ★★

I was wondering if I was too harsh on this movie when I first watched it, until I started considering a rewatch. That idea made me nauseous. I can appreciate the visuals and I think it's quite well shot, but I full on hate this movie. Here's what I wrote when I watched it for the first time:

After living a life of luxury that is unimaginable to 99.99% of the world's population for more for more than 40 years , an aging socialite comes to the realization that his own existence has become vacant of meaning. This epiphany comes hand in hand with the understanding this his self awareness is much more sharpened than the other aging socialites around him and that now after 4 decades of sex, partying, drug and alcohol abuse he and only he finally "gets it". 

Look the movie lives up it to its title. It's beautifully shot, with the only visual flaw being some stodgy cgi really sticking out as bruises. My main point of contention is that there is no progression in the characters here, they're merely walking around and identifying the piecemeal hypocrisy that they themselves take part in. The main character is a single dimensional, grandiose narcissist who treats the people around him as completely disposable and who only the most vulnerable seem to have formed a long relationship with. I hate this movie and I find it incredibly superficial. It it doesn't make much more of a statement than Life is Beautiful. Well, yea of course it is when you're incredibly wealthy and haven't had to sniff at responsibility or consequence for your entire life.  

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