Pig ★★★★

Grief is an indescribable emotion. It eats away at your existence until you're left in a constant state of emotional paralysis. Pig epitomizes the harsh disposition of what it means to be self-sufficient, as well as the agony produced by grief. The tough circumstances in this movie relate to life, which is the most difficult challenge for all of us due to its unpredictability and never-ending cycle of challenges. The film muses on the nature of existence itself through these themes of sadness and changes. Every day that we wake up, part of us dies. Everything is going according to plan one minute, and then your entire world comes crashing down the next. It's impossible to predict what will happen. It's easy to feel as if life is moving too quickly or too slowly. Everything always feels the same, yet everything is always changing. Pig, like a tidal wave of darkness, embodies this message. 

Nicholas Cage portrays a figure whose silence is the loudest thing about him. His portrayal is devoid of any artifice, and he presents Rob as knowledgeable and attentive while remaining intense and unexpected. Cage's subtle restraint in this performance allows him to provide us with one of the most fascinating character studies in recent years, as he understands when and how to peel back the layers of his characters' heavy past.

More films like these are needed to remind us that those we love will always be with us.

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