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  • Gosford Park

    Gosford Park


    Murder is Served.

    The Entirety of Great Britains acting creme de la creme in one house. What is this, a crossover episode? Only possible improvement would have been Hugh Laurie as the actually competent and keen-eyed policeman, but we can't expect so much fortune telling by Altman.

    Funny to imagine this spawned "Downton Abbey" although I now virtually nobody who actually watches that. Still, this is definetly a movie to show people when they ask why Cinephiles are so crazy about that Altman-dude that they have never seen a picture of. Intense, beautiful and eeringly funny.

  • Boogie Nights

    Boogie Nights


    Dreams coming true.

    Sprawling, gleaming, exuberant - PTAs pornstar empire epic feels like a sweeping blow through the Californian Golden Age of Porn that woops you right off your feet with its intensity, intricacies and grandeur.

    The meticulous set design, aesthetics highly faithful to the era and an intense atmosphere loaded with sex, drugs and sunny people. PTA highly focuses on personalities in systems - difficulties and chances arising from individuality in contrast with societal structures.

    Many moments throughout the…

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  • The Skin I Live In

    The Skin I Live In


    Cutting and Molding.

    In my opinion one of the deepest body horror movies, ascending over the visceral anxiety of its premise and the psychological abyss of the characters perversions to an artistic contemplation of the mind and its shroud. The rigor and and acerbity without a loss in depth and emotional honesty in which this reflection is delivered is rare in contemporary cinema. But Pedro AlmodΓ³var is one of the best directors to do so, keeping a firm directing hand…

  • The Double Life of VΓ©ronique

    The Double Life of VΓ©ronique


    Quantum Entanglement.

    A fascinating entry in the history of film. One of those movies that perfectly encapsulates the sentiment "Feel, don't think." Kieslowski creates a microcosm so perfectly tuned and synced it is extremely difficult to unravel.

    I will not purport myself to have understood this on the level it is maybe meant to. I will not try to explain anything about this to you, the reader and urge you to go into this experience as blindly as possible. You will be captured.