Thunder Force

Thunder Force ½

"Thunder Force" is about two childhood best friends who started a superhero duo because one of them got superpowers or some shit, and they decide to protect their city by defeating this Mayor guy and his team.

Now, I feel like this movie is gonna be surprisingly garbage when I first saw the trailer of this movie because it looked like every cringey and flat Netflix comedy with SNL comedians, but I wanna check this one out, so I can give my thoughts about it. And this is one of the laziest comedies I've ever seen. It's cringey, lame, and very, very boring.

"Melissa McCarthy" is... just Melissa McCarthy in every fucking movie she has been in. She's annoying, unfunny, and corny, just like "Amy Schumer", she delivers the lamest jokes I've ever heard, and her performance is really terrible. I kinda like Octavia Spencer's performance, but man, her character is so flat and poorly written. And all of the cast are truly awful. Every character and villain in this movie are like mannequins, and most of them haven't given much information about them. The comedy is hella lame. I haven't laughed at every single joke in this shit. These jokes are the ones that you see in every shitty comedy movie from this century, and McCarthy's husband thinks it's absolutely funny, but it's not. There were a few scenes where McCarthy does something related to Fortnite, and these scenes make me wanna drink bleach. And they ruin some of the dialogue because they just throw it a corny joke or horrible pop culture reference.

The storytelling is the easiest shit that any high school kid can make. The movie opens with a backstory about the friendship between McCarthy and Spencer that we don't give a shit because it has so many cheesy elements in it, and after that, it's filled with so much uninteresting and questionable shit, and tedious action sequences that made me wanna do something else like using my phone or walk around the house while the movie is playing, and I didn't pay attention to some scenes throughout this piece of shit. For the most part, the CGI and green screen look kinda awful, IG. And the editing and Falcone's directing are terrible.

Overall. "Thunder Force" is a piece of shit movie with shitty Fortnite humor and a simple and easy-to-make superhero story, and don't watch this movie if you're a superhero fan or IDK. This movie is probably perfect for kids, despite the PG-13 rating, and if you have a kid who likes Marvel and/or DC, he might enjoy this one. And the only thing I liked about this movie is Pom Klementieff because she's super duper hot in this film.

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