Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey ★★★½

"Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey" is about two robots, Evil Bill and Evil Ted, who are sent by Chuck De Nomolos to the 20th century where they try to stop their doppelgangers Bill and Ted respectively from winning a band competition.

I have no time rewatching and reviewing the first one, but I promise I'll review it two weeks after the 3rd installment is released. I fucking love Bill and Ted, and I think there are one of my favorite movie duos ever. Since the 3rd installment is coming tomorrow, I decided to watch the sequel, which I haven't seen, and it's a decent sequel.

Just like the first one, Keanu ReGoddamn Eves and Alex Winter have amazing chemistry and their performances are pretty good. Also, most of the cast's performance is also good. The writing in this movie is fine, the jokes are not childish but 90 percent hilarious and the characters are kinda well-written. The costumes, makeup, and song choices are fitting. And of course, lots of fun moments throughout the movie.

However, storytelling is mostly convoluted and predictable, and the structure feels quite the same as the first one. The premise and the plot are very cartoonish. And the green screen is terrible, you can see a bit of green in the scene where Bill and Ted are in hell.

Overall, "Bill and Ted's BOGUS Journey" is an okay but underrated, funny, and entertaining guilty pleasure sequel and I might rewatch soon just 4 fun.

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