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This review may contain spoilers.


This doesn't feel like a Scream movie... It feels like a failed attempt at imitating the success of the franchise while trying to make it more violent and all it does is stick out like a sore thumb and become a very frustrating movie to watch.

This movie is filled with so many baffling decisions whether it be Ghost Billy or that awful fucking twist or making the dialogue of this movie feel like a conversation between some of the most insufferable film nerds I have ever met and it just makes me wonder what anyone was thinking while they made this.

The kills in this movie bother me, they aren't even the most violent in the franchise (that would be Scream 4's) but something about them just feel so cold and unempathetic. This style of killing only really works for me with one kill that being when Sam kills Richie, a moment in which we aren't supposed to feel empathy but rather feel that it is a much deserved fate for him.

If this movie wasn't a Scream movie I'd probably like it a lot more (even if I'd still think it was bad) because it wouldn't feel like some poor imitation reliant on the others, it'd just be some dumb horror movie with a decent first two acts and a laughably bad third act, but as a movie in the Scream franchise it just feels off...

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