The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

I love the tracking shots of Vito following Don Fanucci on the rooftops. It's so simple but the staging of it, the way the camera moves, the way De Niro moves in the frame is all so perfect. The pacing is perfect as we see him from the roof across the street, we see Fanucci from above, we see De Niro from down on the street, then we see him from behind on the roof. That use of three dimensional space, following sight lines. In one sense it’s so simple yet those are images emblazoned in my memory. It's a sequence that is played out silently (in terms of dialogue) but the sound of the festa is intricately a part of it all. The young Vito scenes really hit me with a sense of immediacy on this watch. The way a legacy is being created while a legacy is unravelling. Michael did his best but its a movie as much about changing times as it is new leadership directions.

I appreciate that Coppola keeps the literary tone of the first film while building on it with some of the more complicated plotting and character arcs of any gangster film.

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