Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★★

new york, new rules.

ghostface did NOT come to play… let me just start off by saying having kirby reed back & setting this film in New York for this installment was everything to me.. especially having mindy and kirby interact and talk about their love of film. Sam Tara Chad & Mindy are MY final siblings the core FUCKING 4 !!! I’m sorry but I love them so much. Gale is forever my mother. Melissa Barrera was the true standout everyone had amazing performances but wow she really had her time to shine here. Everything about this film was one upped from scream 5… brutal kills insanely gorgeous cinematography anxiety reducing scenes especially the subway sequence, the bodega & the ladder scenes. in my opinion this really is a phenomenal scream sequel & I loved every second of it. I’m probably going to put out a more detailed review when I rewatch. 

the letterboxd mention really made me laugh out loud

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