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  • Bullet to the Head

    Bullet to the Head

    Watching this film was an accident.

  • The Call

    The Call

    Ugh. I finished it....?


  • Movie 43

    Movie 43

    This ridiculous compilation of skits is an epic failure of cinema. There is no intelligence, no unity, and little-to-no provocation of laughter. I can't wrap my head around the fact that these actors/actresses agreed to perform in this abomination. Every single one of them needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

  • A Good Day to Die Hard

    A Good Day to Die Hard

    America's leading action hero, John McClane, is back and far worse than ever in A Good Day to Die Hard. The fifth installment of the franchise is a complete and utter disappointment, bringing shame to Die Hard fans everywhere. With the recent success of rival action icons (James Bond, Sherlock Holmes), one might have suggested that John Moore put some effort into this project, in hopes to maintain a competitive series. He didn't. In fact, Moore did just what McClane…

  • Identity Thief

    Identity Thief

    Identity Thief is one disaster of a film. The jokes are stale, the plot is exceedingly boring and it's running time is miserably long. The film fails to make any emotional connections, generate any sympathy, or receive any support from the audience whatsoever. Personally, I find McCarthy to be repulsive, annoying and ridiculous. I cannot wait until her short-lived (hopefully) career in Hollywood is over. The film received one measly star solely based on Jason Bateman, as his improvisations are the only comedic elements. I would not recommend Identity Thief to my worst enemy, who coincidentally right now is Melissa McCarthy.

  • Parker


    In Parker, Jason Stratham's character manages to steal more cars than the entire ensemble of Gone in 60 Seconds. I can't justify writing anymore than this.