Sex Tape

Sex Tape ★★

Sex Tape is a classic case of mistaken identity.The film is disguised as a raunchy, sexually explicit romantic comedy, as if to join the ranks of other recent classics (excuse the oxymoron) from directors like Apatow and Stoller. Unfortunately enough, Sex Tape is not what it pretends to be. The film is not about a sex tape, it is merely used as a plot device to thicken poorly contrived themes of family, loyalty and love. The film suffers from cliches, poor acting and a pitiful script; but what drives Sex Tape from bad to worse is it's misappropriated sense of heart. We want laughs; we want sexual innuendo; we want Jason Segel's penis on-screen (uh..). We don't want more morale-boosting speeches than Million Dollar Baby or more family-fun-time than Cheaper By The Dozen. In my opinion, Sex Tape condemns itself for leading audiences to theatres under false pretenses--which is somewhat accurate of a sex tape, if you look at it that way.