Oz the Great and Powerful

Oz the Great and Powerful ★★★

I deem Oz: The Great and Powerful a success, simply because it encouraged me to re-watch it's much more successful predecessor. I am still not fond of Raimi's style of direction, not to mention the score was miserable.However, I really enjoyed the development of Oz himself (Franco). Although incredibly cliche, the story follows the protagonist on a journey to become a better human being. But Franco accepts the role and devotes himself to his character's arc. The women of the film are spectacular, especially Kunis as she clearly steps out of her comfort zone with her role. The cinematography and visual effects are clearly Oz's selling point, and I wouldn't be surprised if it receives an oscar nomination in the latter. The movie is cute and humorous, and although I don't particularly enjoy Raimi's work (have I said that already?), I thought the pace of the film was fine. I would recommend this film to anybody, but it is nothing to go out of your way for.