Adaptation. ★★★★½

This film went above and beyond for me in terms of storytelling. The script (about how to write a script) was formulated around perhaps the most compelling Hollywood theme in contemporary society. The film explores the fine line between a screenplay of original, artistic value and one that follows Hollywood's guidelines and demands. Charlie Kaufman's journey begins with intentions to avoid Hollywood cliches, and to focus his energies towards writing an organic, puristic story to emulate real life. He battles with his inner psyche, Donald, in a feeble attempt to avoid compromise; however, ultimately he realizes that in contemporary Hollywood, a screenwriter must 'ADAPT' in order to not only survive, but thrive. The key themes of the film focus on darwinism and the need for change, as well as the individual's desperate search for passion. The cast was near perfect, particularly Cage; although, the clear talent for me is Kaufman himself. Adaptation is great because of magnificent writing: the characters, the wonderful parallels, the irony, and the meaningful (often humorous) dialogue made this movie what it is. The scenes between Charlie and Donald (Cage and Cage) was some of the best scripted dialogue in film--definitely up there with some of Tarantino's and Soderbergh's work. I would recommend Adaptation to anybody, but particularly to film-nerds and English scholars, as I feel they would respect this film as much as they would enjoy it.