A Million Ways to Die in the West

A Million Ways to Die in the West ★★½

By now we know that Seth MacFarlane's humour is hit or miss. Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, Ted, etc.; it should be clear what to expect from one of televisions most successful writers--raw, offensive, crossing-the-line jokes that either have you pissing your pants laughing, shaking your head in awe that he went "there", or looking around to see how bored people are. Million Ways is no different. Some good jokes, some bad jokes, and some jokes that elicit the sound of crickets. One positive reaction I had, other than some pretty interesting cameos, was watching MacFarlane onscreen--a pleasure that we rarely, if ever(?), have had. I thought he was awesome at the Oscars a couple years ago and enjoyed him in Million Ways as well. But even although I mildly enjoyed the film, there is no reason not to wait for it on DVD, or Netflix.