22 Jump Street

22 Jump Street ★★★★

22 Jump Street is not only one of the best comedy sequels in recent years, but it may prove to be a staple in postmodern film culture. The metafictional narrative of 22 Jump refuses to withdraw itself for a moment, never allowing the audience to forget they're watching a movie. Self-aware as well as self-reflexive, Lord and Miller form their humour from the concept of Hollywood sequels and the dysfunction/redundancies they are generally engrained with. It actually works wonderfully. The film is full of laughs, both cleverly wrought out jokes and playful, childish gags; both of which serve to refresh the other. The tandem of Hill and Tatum might be the most unlikely of successful comedic duo's, but the chemistry between the two couldn't be more entertaining. The pair rivals the likes of Rogen & Franco (Pineapple Express) and Ferrell & Reilly (Step Brothers). The increased involvement of Ice Cube was also hilarious, and the credits reel was arguably the funniest part of the entire film. Overall 22 Jump Street does not disappoint; in fact, I don't believe anyone could have predicted the film working as well as it does. Lord and MIller are on a heater (21 Jump Street, LEGO), let's pray they keep it up!

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