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This review may contain spoilers.


now for my review:
This was so good, jesus. Jake's acting was the standout and what truly brought it to life and made it intense. The way it's paced works brilliantly, and this in no way felt long. There were tense parts all throughout and even though I knew going into this that the Zodiac Killer has not been caught to this day, and probably never will be, but I was still on the edge of my seat during the last act with Graysmith researching for his book. The directing is top notch for sure. "Not many people have basements in California" was a NERVE WRACKING line god damn. This film is special, it made me feel I was there in the investigation and I love when the atmosphere is just right in films like this one. 

At the end, when the writing pops up on the screen to give us a closing statement on the real life people this film portrays was...wow. "Following Mike Mageau's identification of Arthur Leigh Allen, authorities scheduled a meeting to discuss charging him with the murders. Allen suffered a fatal heart attack before this meeting could take place." JESUS. Of course he did. Wow. And the final piece: "[Graysmith] claims he has not received a single anonymous call since Allen's death." Man, this film truly sucked me in. Based on this film and what I've read about the Zodiac Killer previously, I believe Arthur Leigh Allen was the culprit. But it cannot be proved, and that's so frustrating. Also, what was up with that guy who Graysmith went to meet, Bob Vaughn? His handwriting matched the closest of any, so perhaps there were actually two killers during that time. 

Anyways, to sum it all up, my thoughts on this film: it is incredibly well made and makes me almost as obsessed as the people involved in the case, and man did this give me chills at times. Well done David Fincher.

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