The Little Things

The Little Things ★★

Alright, first things first, everyone's already said how this is just Se7en but worse. I'm not even gonna bother going into that because it's honestly true. I'm just gonna talk about some things I noticed that ticked me off beside the bland, uninspired plot and characters.

Look, I love my boi Rami. He is absolutely fan-fucking-tastic in Mr. Robot. He's probably one of the main reasons it's one of my favourite tv series of all time! It was just a perfect role for him, but I have not been able to buy him in anything else ever since.
He is not a suave, charismatic detective hotshot. He just doesn't have that range, unfortunately. His voice and presence and acting skills never really convey the character he's supposed to be playing. It always feels like he's just Elliot playing pretend. I think it's the same problem that Kirsten Stewart often has where she just seems to be playing the same character in every movie, no matter what the actual character is supposed to be.
It's honestly a little frustrating because I like these actors so much, but they just never sell me when I see them on film.

Everyone else is basically subpar. Denzel turns in a boring performance, although he sometimes lets out his inner Alonzo Harris. It's honestly hit or miss most of the time. It makes you wonder if he even knew what his character was supposed to be or if he was just deciding what to do on a particular shooting day.
Jared Leto is fine. He does a well enough job. I couldn't really tell what he was going for either, but at the very least, he's consistent. He's got a little bit of that Kevin Spacey from Se7en going on, a little bit of like "cult leader vibes", a la Manson - and he makes it work. It's probably the best performance in the movie? His dilated pupils and greasy hair, limping gait, eccentric mannerisms and soft-spoken delivery sell a character to me, more so than anyone else in the film.

The biggest disappointment though is that even when the 3 leads are together in a scene, there's just no spark or chemistry between them. There's no excitement or dread or any emotion at all really from these scenes. It elicits nothing from me. Nothing. Even the relationship-building scenes between Denzel and Rami's characters are bland and forced so by the time that climax rolls around I was already beyond the point of investment or caring.
There are also little things like inconsistent accents from extras and the supporting cast, non-period accurate elements in the background and the like that make you wonder if anybody really gave that much of a shit about this movie. Did everyone just stop trying their best like halfway through filming? It sure as hell looks like Denzel did.

The editing is also something that stood out as weird to me. Even in non-action scenes, there's this choppiness to it that is noticeably distracting. If this were an animated film, it would be the equivalent of missing keyframes. Something as simple as a character placing money on a table to pay for coffee just doesn't look natural at all and it puzzled me so much trying to figure out why that would be.
The average shot length seems to be about 2 seconds. It's not as egregious and nauseating as something like Bohemian Rhapsody was, but it certainly reminded me of that experience - which is not something I ever want to relive in all honesty.

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