Ivan's Childhood

Ivan's Childhood ★★★½

Tarkovsky Ranked (work-in-progress)

Still working on my behemoth of an EOE review, so let's instead talk about Tarkovsky's debut film.

It's really good. I was particularly taken aback by its stunning and fully realized cinematic vision. This is the auteur's first film, after all. The imagery within is so crisp, and mature, and delicately crafted. Every other shot forced a little "ooo" or "ah" from me. Thematically, however, I was a little disappointed. While I found ANDREI RUBLEV difficult to connect to, it was certainly not a film lacking depth. And of course, STALKER is a film that I could write an entire book on. So, the simple story and thesis of IVAN'S CHILDHOOD (war = bad. loss of innocence, time remembers the victors not the martyrs) kind of threw me for a loop. I do believe the themes are thoroughly explored, with Tarkovsky's signature poetic touch. So, there's good chance it'll grow on me how ANDREI RUBLEV did. It's just hasn't grown into something I adore just yet.

Sorry for the brief thoughts. I'm still in a sort of stasis after witnessing the incredible END OF EVANGELION. Review coming soon. (Tomorrow, I hope.)

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