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  • Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

    Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance


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    Park Chan-wook Ranked (WIP)

    Mr. Vengeance is Park Chan-wook's best directed film, and another astonishing meditation on the ramifications of revenge.

    In this film, revenge operates as a circle. It offers no benefit besides the brief moment of reprieve one receives before an inevitable punishment. And yet, like Oldboy and Lady Vengeance, there is something spiritual about this film's notions of retribution.

    In Lady Vengeance, the group of bereaved souls seek to cauterize the wounds left by a madman. They…

  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut


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    Kubrick Ranked (complete)


    Finally a Stanley Kubrick that I adore. The man is a master filmmaker, no doubt, but as BrandonHabes has heard endlessly, I struggle to connect with his films. After a lot of deliberation and self-reflection, I’ve come to find that this disconnect ultimately boils down to personal preference. His most well-regarded works are too cold, too cerebral, and too pessimistic for yours truly. I always admire their technical mastery, and there are quite a number of…

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  • Woman in the Dunes

    Woman in the Dunes


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    My Favorite Films, "Ranked"

    “I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Not like here. Here everything is soft and smooth.” - Anakin Skywalker AKA Niki Junpei

    The ultimate determinist film. Woman in Dunes not only shows us that life is a series of internments that we must come to terms with, but it also teaches us *how* we are to come to terms with them. To escape society; its overbearing institutions, its constant…

  • Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane


    Film #1001 (sorta part of this "1000th Film Special" I've been doing here on Letterboxd)

    I knew there would be one. I knew there would be one film I didn't have the willpower to do justice to. I'm backlogged with reviews to write already, and what of value could I possibly add to a discussion so thoroughly had already? I guess I'll keep it short.

    Yes. The hype is justified. Citizen Kane is phenomenal. Technically, dramatically, politically, thematically. It's a…

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  • Cinema Paradiso

    Cinema Paradiso


    Film #1000.

    My first cinematic memories are fuzzy and indistinct. I loosely remember watching A Land Before Time, completely enraptured by its cartoonish personification of dinosaurs. I must have been five or six years old. My first “dream job” was to be a paleontologist. I remember the giddiness I felt when removing the VHS of the Rugrats Movie from its paper casing, revealing a bright orange videotape. I’d never seen anything like it! I flaunted it in front of all…

  • Dreams



    Kurosawa Ranked (COMPLETE)

    (Film #999 btw, :D )

    The dream I remember most vividly occurred when I was nine or ten.

    I was incepted into a pitch black room. I looked around in the darkness. Left, right, up and down. I found myself standing on an E Flat. Was I the size of a finger, or was the piano huge? In any case, there I was, at the far end of a piano where the keys squeak instead of grumble.…