“Asa nisi masa”

Wow, consider me shocked. It's a movie that was at the top of my watchlist. One of the best movies ever made and one I've seen. I will definitely come back to the movie. A work that will always be in my mind and the more I watch the bigger and better my experience will be, no doubt.

The cinematography is excellent and the photography is simply magnificent. The presence of black and white is so pervasive and alive it seems to be colored. Beautiful, beautiful photos that are… unforgettable.

Fellini did a magnificent and brilliant job, in my view it is the director's best film. Mastroianni delivered a great and remarkable performance of his career, I need to know more about his filmography.

I'm talking a lot about the technical part, now we get to the story. It portrays the life of a director who is about to start his next project, but was going through a creative crisis and with so much pressure at work, he cannot distinguish reality from fantasy. Guido's illusions (Marcello Mastroianni) visit his dreams and memories, was the point I liked the most about the film.

If it's worth it? It sure is an excellent experience.

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