Venom ★★★★½

Humans, such poor design

Fascinating, really fascinating movie. Has this underlying sadness to it that permeates all the characters, some die, some struggle and some maybe just maybe get themselves out of the rut. The perpetrators are the people in power making normal citizens lose their jobs and livelihoods over the guise of scientific conquest. Yet in the face of all of it, the victims crack a smile and try to find the humor in every situation. Through the union of Eddie and Venom, stasis can be achieved and bring an equilibrium to their two separate worlds. They both see the beauty in each other and thus are able to transcend the boundaries that they are stagnated by. Venom and Brock save each other but they also save the world, everything is put back in its natural order and while it will never be perfect it's a start. That's all we can hope for, our dreams can become reality and henceforth. All the losers can join together and hope for a better tomorrow, when we stand united the only people that lose are the ones who don't understand, sucks to be them.

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