Signs ★★★★★

Art as healing, the moment where our faith in storytellers, the unknowable and the spiritual morph into its resolve. This is where Shyamalan let go of all pretences and made art for the dreamers, no catering to a rhetorical audience just unfiltered hopeful filmmaking. The last act is emotional spectacle at its finest, it keeps hitting you with one thing after the other and it boggles the mind how overwhelming it is. I'm so glad Shyamalan didn't listen to anyone and followed his heart, it shows his uniqueness and earnestness as an artist. This is only the start of his golden age, his journey to the stars where rules don't apply only pure consciousness and feeling. We didn't deserve Night back then and we don't deserve him now, how he gives and we are just able to marvel at the beauty of his work, I am so grateful.

Side-note: It's my birthday today (22 years old), thank you guys for engaging with my reviews and being such nice supportive people. I don't know what I did to deserve you all but I couldn't be happier to have you guys in my life <3.

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