Scream ★★★★★

Oh my god, oh my fucking god um I don't even know where to start. Lets just say this is a loving continuation of what Scream 4 was doing, someone actually took Cravens message to heart and put it into practice. Wes wanted us as audiences to take the tragedy seriously, witness without detachment, question things but always remain in good faith and operate with compassion. This new Scream carries these directives and normalizes them within the Scream universe. Samantha is the representation of this new found sincerity, the non caustic protagonist who reacts to things with feeling, nobility and utmost seriousness. She is the fruits of Wes's labor, she is the future of horror protagonists, flawed, unabashedly human and sympathetic. The antagonist is the postmodern crowd, the ones who want everything to be prepackaged and approved, the types that think we should respect the original, don't make any changes (and at the same time want changes?) don't veer off the expected path.

These two schools of thought are at war with each other, Scream is caught in between two extremes; a harrowing tragic story about two sisters (with the addition of loving arcs for its legacy characters) and a antagonists plot to remodel Scream in its initial past image. They try to undo all the progress Scream accomplished over it's run because if not that would mean all the tenets these people believe would mean nothing (there seems to be a minor exploration of elevated horror vs genre horror, through a new meta modern language this new Scream finds a way to skirt either it defies definition). With reckless abandon we see the film retaliate against the forces that seek to destroy it, we are given hope that horror can start a new era, that the culture that bastardizes the horror genre will be brutalized and excercised (Samantha will "eventually" be ok, but we as audiences and artists have to help her reach finality).

Possibly one of the best tributes to an artist I've ever seen, it's in service to Craven and the believers who felt his message, it leaves everyone else at the door and I wouldn't have it any other way. Shockingly funny and emotional (there were several scenes where I quickly darted from laughing to crying), this is above anything I ever thought possible. As soon as the film cuts to black there is a bold title card that says "For Wes" something tells me he would be really proud of this, absolutely amazing.

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