Pretend That You Love Me

Pretend That You Love Me ★★★★

This is my kind of realism, something so steeped in digital eccentricity it manipulates the form in a very low budget fashion. A lot of films of this type tend to be very subtle without being audacious and don't provoke the viewer in an intelligent way. This has so much going on under the surface, the pure raw emotion just bursts from even the simplest of interactions. It embraces the melodrama, the inherent silliness of each situation and just runs with it, being unashamed of how will come off to the critical eye. Couple that with a personal story that is extremely felt and you something that reaches out and hit's the viewer in a spiritual way. I love that this dude makes a film from his own instincts/sensibilities and I'm curious to see whatever he makes next.

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