Malignant ★★★★★

This movie do have me crying in front of everyone in a theater even though I already cried today watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Somehow even better on rewatch? Maybe it's because I saw this in a theater but this just sucked me right in and compelled me all the way through. This just gets my brain man, everything is emotional, everything is stressed to the absolute extreme, it's so angsty, angelic, kind hearted and fierce all at once. Maddie's words to Sydney at the end has to be close to my favorite character interaction, it's like the release after the chaos, love is the cure to pain and hurt. Even in the films darkest liminal space there is salvation to be found, everything is intrinsically linked to it's message. We could all afford to be kinder, supportive even in the toughest most deranged part of our lives. Makes me wanna call up my sister and tell her I love her in fact I will do exactly that.

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