Knock Knock

Knock Knock ★★★★

Probably the only anti-Chantiricore film I could boldly say I love. Roth really one of the few people that are brave enough to expose the deep-rooted misogyny lying dormant in millions of men. Layers of charm bury an internalized bigotry that only reveals itself when all humanity is sucked out; only the raw anger is present. That's not to say the arbiters of justice are solely in the right they're murderers and empathy is not exactly their forte but that's obvious we know that. They need to be absolutely monstrous so Roths message can be delivered with the strength it requires, the audience isn't let off, your here to drown in this not dip your toes in.

This doesn't have the usual traits I respond to in film yet this still made me emotional (albeit in a completely harrowing and disturbing way). I watch films for unique experiences, films that make me reconsider my perspective or view of the world. Knock Knock delivers in spades and I have a feeling I'll be ruminating over it for a very long time.

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