Jackass Forever

Jackass Forever ★★★★½

Magical to watch, this movie is like someone keeps picking up my brain and throwing it sideways I am being torn inside out and frankly I am enjoying the ride. Heightens masculinity to the extent where you can barely recognize it, it's a celebration and condemnation of rowdiness in all its beauty and horror. These contradictions work side by side in beautiful harmony, it's a melting pot of juvenile behaviour, dancing like nobody's watchin and it's affriming to watching something that is this uninhibited and proud of its existence. The dudes from Jackass know that even in older age there's no reason to change for the tide, it's ok to be wild and free, life is too colorless otherwise. I was the only one laughing like an absolute idiot in the theatre and I had a great time doing it. If that Tyler the Creator segment and the finale isn't GOATed then I don't know what fucking is.

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