Death Note

Death Note ★★★★★

"They're so many fucking rules"

"Death can be handed out through a calculus book"

"Humans are so interesting"

Works simultaneously as a dissection of the youth in modern day America and a soap opera about two lovers who are so destructive towards each other that their love tears them apart. Wingard obviously has some issues with the moral framing of the original Death Note and strived to put it through a reality where youth are insolent and pretentious. A lot of teenagers tend to think they're all knowing and enact justice in justifiable ways. As the film goes on it activity keeps putting down this methodology until it reaches its most revealing high.

Considering the film is so heightened is says alot that it's emotional intelligence is so felt, it's operatic/camp leanings is a way to mock and show the emphatic flaws of not only Light and Mia but America as a whole. I believe even this films supporters put down the tragical nature of Light and Mia. Both come from troubled past, they come to each other broken not knowing any other way of changing their lives for the better. They keep feeding each other's vices until it all comes crashing down, despite their flawed nature I can't help but feel sorry for them. It says alot for a film that can show duality in its portrayals, acting as bold farcical political scrutiny and a genuine emotive depiction of two young confused people.

Wingard was not afraid to put his own true self into his work, something that was honest with how he saw the results of young people being given unlimited power. This is the type of film I want to make someday, something that takes emotions to unimaginative heights, parts sensory overload and parts insightful commentary. I hope one day these types of films will be welcomed with open arms, nothing would make me happier.

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