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  • How Green Was My Valley
  • Doomed Love
  • A Cottage on Dartmoor
  • Home from the Hill

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  • The Hunger

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  • Crimson Tide

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  • The Story of Adele H.

    The Story of Adele H.


    Makes the most far-fetched premise -- someone refusing the advances of Isabelle Adjani -- seem entirely plausible. Props to Truffaut for somehow managing to pull that off.

    When it comes to style, tone, just about everything really, this shares much more in common with the work of another French master, Maurice Pialat, than it does with anything that Truffaut has done. The lighting contributes heavily to the Pialat-ian feeling, as Truffaut places Nestor Almendros in the DP role, allowing him…

  • F9


    This franchise has really run its course at this point, time to hang up the curtain. For good.

    Couldn't get past those piss-ugly aesthetics. That same sidewalk pavement look seen in Marvel products, and just about every other soulless corporate husk shat out by Hollywood/Netflix/Amazon these last few years. I'm entirely convinced at this point that they're trying to make movies look as hideous as possible on purpose -- no other explanation at this point.

    But the problems extend beyond…

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  • Mank


    From an ideological standpoint, worthy of the utmost contempt. For the longest time, there has been an effort to undermine Orson Welles' legacy, mostly on the part of Pauline Kael, the "brains" behind the slanderous bucket of lies known as "Raising Kane," and now David Fincher, with Mank, is the latest to jump on the dog-pile, putting forth the argument (a debunked one, mind you) that screenwriter Joseph L. Mankiewicz was the real genius behind Citizen Kane and that wonderkid…

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Based on its lofty 4.4 average user rating, it appears that Portrait of a Lady on Fire now occupies the position of a sacred cow. Is the hype warranted? Not in the slightest. From top to bottom, Portrait comes off as cinema at its most affected and pandering, featuring nearly every trope and cliché that "trendy" cinephiles have come to expect with their NEON/A24-produced "Indie darlings": everything from self-conscious formalism to forced representation to stilted pacing to predictable plotting. What a lifeless bore—hope it enjoys its Criterion sticker.