Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★½

this movie was so well acted and beautifully shot! the main two actresses had so much chemistry and the film had me intrigued during a lot of it. however, it felt very long. it was 2 hours long, but when i was watching it, i could’ve sworn it was at least 2.5 hours. i’m not a fan of “slow burn” movies because i get bored easily and dislike having to wait awhile for things to happen. so for that, i had to take off a 1/2 star. i saw some people comparing it to carol (one of my fav movies), and while i can see some similarities, i did not enjoy this movie nearly as much as i enjoyed carol. but i appreciate the beauty of this film and can see why it’s so iconic

[ this was a part of my need to watch list ]

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