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  • The World's End
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  • On the Job

    On the Job


    [Thanks to arthur for the rec.]

    On the Job starts off as a slow burn with a steady pace but it shifts gears at half way point during the hospital scene which is very tense and expertly crafted by the director Erik Matti.
    Overall, this is a realistic and entertaining movie that sheds light on problems like corruption, drugs and violence in Phillipines.

  • Marshland



    Very reminiscent of Memories of Murder but more so of True Detective S1.
    The grim and gloomy atmosphere, the setting, the tone, the characters, hell even the plot in someways reminds of Fukunaga's True Detective.
    Well directed, gorgeously shot (especially the climax scene) and a fine plot makes it one of the better thrillers in recent memory.