Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★½

SDCC 2022 Special Sneak Peak Screening

Absolutely blessed to get into this screening! Snacks provided and the director/cast came to say hi? AWESOME!

I’m happy to report A24 and crew have delivered another fun “horror” film! I don’t know if I can call it horror, more a comedy thriller, but it works! Watching a bunch of rich kids completely fumble around murder is pretty damn funny. A lot of it has to be because Rachel Sennott is a damn scene stealer! One of my favorite performances this year, almost every line was hilarious and she nails the delivery. The rest of the cast is solid, from Lee Pace fitting his role almost too well, to Maria Bakalova expanding her acting chops, I love them all. Th chemistry between everyone helps sells the chaos perfectly

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