A Grin Without a Cat

A Grin Without a Cat ★★★★

Grin Without a Cat is a testament to the political angst and attempts of ideological upheaval ubiquitous with the late 1960s, specifically 1967 (the angst) and 1968 (the upheaval). Through 3 hours of footage we are relayed the struggles and failings of dissidents from Europe to Latin America, and it never feels boring or tedious (at least for a history buff). Chris Marker channels the mood of the moment in the ramblings of life-long rebels, fighting for a retroactively lost cause.

Battleship Potemkin; The Vietnam War; Fidel Castro; Fragile Hands / Severed Hands.... Marker reeled us in with La Jetee, nurtured us with Sans Soleil; and with A Grin Without a Cat he tells us of a history that once was. If you're interested I'd highly suggest the watch. That is all.

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