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  • High School Confidential!

    High School Confidential!


    Never had I rooted so hard for the 'bullies' in a high-school flick before, even after the twist is revealed. Yes, Russ Tamblyn is THAT much of an asshole.

    But Mamie Van Doren still steals the show... ❤️

  • Satan's Slave

    Satan's Slave


    Was planning to save these(Satan's Slave,Impetigore, The Queen of Black Magic - 1981, and The Queen of Black Magic - 2019) for sometime later, but after The Last Drive-In last night they pulled the trigger for Satan's Slave on ShudderTV and I couldn't resist temptation. Needless to say, this hit all the marks of creepiness and heavy supernatural atmosphere!

    Basically you have a family(father, son, daughter) being haunted by supernatural forces after a mothers death, then a new mysterious housekeeper…

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  • Pierre and Sonny Jim

    Pierre and Sonny Jim

    Sorry David, I watched this on my cellphone.

  • The Astrologer

    The Astrologer

    Lost film, now found. Weirdness abound and all around. A Carnival. A Destroyed car with an axe. Rich people in the park. Kenya. A Hazy Skull popping into your face from the screen. A Deadly snake bite. A Crazed hostile wild-eyed man that has a slight resemblance to Crocodile Dundee. Rape. A Guy shouting - "Don't Kill Me!". A Shotgun blast to the head. A Transition of animated blood pouring down the screen. A Demonic voice saying "Blast.", or was…