Alphaville ★★★★

This is one cool and bizarre film. A sci-fi noir which has Eddie Constantine either shooting everyone or taking pictures, Anna Karina learning the meaning of love and a robot who has a sore throat. Not sure if that last one is true but he certainly has a memorable voice.

Alphaville is essentially alternate 60s Paris set faraway in the future. While the exterior shots may not make you believe that this is set in the future, the interior shots do this well for a film made in the 60s and are cool to look at. Making it feel like an unnerving nightmare.

In Alphaville, there is no freedom of thought where love and consciousness are unknown concepts and all woman are virtually sex slaves marked with tattoos. This makes Alphaville a surprisingly deep film which explores complex but interesting subject matter. While also being a love letter to detective noir and pulp fiction. Which makes for an entertaining watch.

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