The Batman

The Batman ★★

My expectations regarding Reeves' 'The Batman' were exorbitant. And then, a few weeks before the premiere, I said to myself: "Stop it. You shouldn't get your hopes up prematurely. Let's just see the movie, and then judge." I figured out Reeves has written not what I was hoping for halfway through the movie.

To be more specific.
'The Batman' is a plot-driven bloated pastiche of different genre conventions spliced together.

And because of Reeves' ineptitude in terms of grand writing, he failed not only at developing Batman as a character but at thematic exploration as well. Let's start with the former. Batman in this movie is physically impenetrable and unmatchable (oh, God, stop). His only weakness (fear to lose someone he cares about) was discovered only after the midpoint, but it concerns the arc. Bruce Wayne in this movie is... totally blank and wasted in terms of writing. I've got the point, Bruce put his real self aside in order to become Batman completely, to become vengeance completely, but that's the only radical thing Reeves did for the story that is wrong! He just didn't care about the human side of his protagonist, goddamn. And what's even worse, Bruce's wealth was never used in favor of characterization. So, in this movie Bruce is just another wealthy white privileged fuck. Why not? They never tell us otherwise. Could've at least made some donations to charity, jeez. As a result of such bad writing, I never cared for Batman/Bruce, hence practically no emotions were evoked during the whole screening. Now, the point of the story is "be hope, not vengeance", this is about Batman's arc. I like this idea, to be honest. Moralistic perspective on Batman's means and how they affect other people. I respect that. It just... never clicked for me. I didn't care.

The other characters aren't fleshed out. Gordon is completely wasted, which is fucking pitiful. HOW did you manage to make such a dull and uninteresting character? Anyways, I thought by 2022 we were supposed to be done with blank antagonists, endless pathos (there's just so much PATHOS IN THIS MOVIE, PLEASE STOP IT AND GET SOME HELP), obvious soap operas after the midpoint, and blah-blah-blah, but apparently, modern writers can't do shit. Riddler... oh boy, when he started screaming in the prison I thought I'd die laughing. Reeves' Riddler is not Riddler with passion, strife, depth, or poetic commitment, he is Riddler-the-incel, he is as overpowered as Nolan's Joker was, and he also uses "WHERE'S THE DETONATOR?" (I can't stop laughing at this point anymore) idea, and only loses in the end (the way Nolan's Joker did), what a horseload of shit. Falcone, on the other hand... oh, there's no other hand, Falcone is your typical bland secondary comic-book antagonist. And I just hated the way his father figure was handled. I mean... It was USELESS in terms of storytelling. It should've led to something significant, right? Why didn't you do that, Matt? Whatever...

Now, about the thematic aspect. Reeves can't be radical in his approach to politics at all. And by "radical" I mean "dig deep". Seems like he spent a few days on a political forum or watching some latest (perhaps 15-years old) news and used some over-the-surface ideas, never delving into an in-depth analysis. It's a plot-over-exploration movie. It just is. Nolan's trilogy went down the same road, but it is even more bloated and just horrible.

A few thoughts about the cast.
BREAKING: Christian Bale is better as Batman [and Bruce Wayne] than Robert Pattinson. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiet. Ok, but Penguin, that's who I'm in love with. Farrell's performance heavily reminded me of Robert De Niro, in a good way, though. Felt like he was having the time of his life. Zoe Kravits is the best part of the movie, hands down. Her performance is always believable and she looks nice and all. I have nothing to say about the other actors because they were in the background, never reaching for the stars. This brings me to the dialogue. The dialogue in this movie is sometimes HORRIBLE, and sometimes BORING. Stop writing and get some help. Or, I've got one better, just watch 'Sweet Smell of Success' and learn how to write impressive dialogue from one of the greats (Ernest Lehman👌).

A few thoughts about visual presentation.
There are quite a few exceptional shots, and I love the way Reeves shot the warehouse scene, and the chase kicks ass (that's how you shoot a chase, Nolan!), but the composition as a whole is mostly uninspiring, from what I can tell. I just couldn't find the realism, I did not feel the Gotham, I did not feel the bleakness, it's not even a noir, despite being a mystery.

Batman's theme is fun to listen to, by the way, and it oddly reminds me of this (if Giacchino is a fan of Horus, mad respect), and Riddler's theme is fine, I guess.

Overall, I gave this movie 2/5 because it actually delivers something relevant, even if the delivery is made in a totally blunt and (partially due to its lengthy running time) boring manner.

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