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This review may contain spoilers.

Still one of the best feature comic book adaptations and the best film about Spider-Man. 'No Way Home'? Are you fucking kidding me? What a joke. Who fucking cares about slightly obsolete CGI, Spidy suit, "flying" ability, web, original comic book source, or whatever the bullshit when you have such masterful storytelling? With each viewing, I like this story more and more.

Storytelling in this film indeed feels like something inaccessible. Peter loses control over his personal life because of his Spider-Man alter-ego. Octavius loses his self-control, wife, and dreams, because of his overconfidence. Peter sees in Octavius an idol, he sees a man, who he would've liked to become. So, after all the trouble, Peter decides to get back control over his life, in order to achieve MJ. MJ is his goal. But MJ is a woman, who keeps manipulating him. In the end, Peter realizes, it's too hard for him to be Peter Parker, it's too hard for him to be there for MJ, but he can be Spider-Man. He goes all out to save MJ and to help Octavius wake up from the slavery of his mind, thus becoming a real Spider-Man, and his foe sacrifices himself after gaining control over his thoughts, dreams, and future.

Control is a controlling idea of 'Spider-Man 2'. When we lose control over the situation, whatever it may be, we lose our vitality, health points, we are in a state of limbo. Peter goes through an arc that is clear and intimate for anybody because Peter Parker is Peter Parker. He's a human being. He falls. He rises. He achieves MJ. But MJ is a bitch. And only then Peter Parker becomes... Spider-Man.

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