Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ★★★★½

I've applauded... again. And then I've lost my line of thinking. Oh, fine, that cinematic experience was literally cathartic, and now I'm assured I love this film as much as I adore episodes IV and V because THIS "Star Wars Story" evoked way more emotions, while still being obviously flawed.

In my opinion, the story fails in two departments:
1) Predictability;
2) Character-building.

The predictability is compensated with a simple (again?), but solid and relevant plot [that serves as a perfect transition to episode IV], and one of the best 3rd acts of 2016. Also, the fact the film doesn't fuck around, and the lack of needless exposition is a great advantage, in my eyes, — 133 minutes just flew by.

Also, I did like the characters, I've felt for them, I've cheered for them, and I've celebrated with them, however, I can't overlook the fact they are incomplete. They lack backgrounds, desires, fears. The main theme of the film [the willingness to sacrifice yourself for a greater cause] is actually damn important even in 2021, and, to be frank, I wholeheartedly respect the way it was handled under the above-mentioned conditions (shortcomings) anyway. And that's exactly what distinguishes this film from a lot of other modern blockbusters — it EXPLORES its themes, and does it with intelligence. And then there is the 3rd act. Crushingly powerful act. No more words.

Speaking of cinematography, the visuals and camera work are so good in synthesis. The visuals, damn, they're fantastic. The same thing goes for the score. It is now my favorite score of 2016, although it's not much of a contest.

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