RRR ★★★★

Dance! Dance! Dance! 

I guess it’s save to say after spending currently twelve hours of my life viewing this behemoth of a film that this shit goes fucking hard! 

A beautifully bombastic ballet that wonderfully intertwines a vast array of genres & emotions together all culminating into a truly epic odyssey that puts a great many Hollywood blockbusters to shame. While I greatly enjoyed it the first time around I would’ve told you it was just good. Well here I am finishing a fourth viewing and now it’s probably my favorite thing I’ve seen this year (thus far). What’s so funny about it is it has a shit ton of things that if pulled off wrong would annoy the ever loving hell outta me, but thankfully some kind of solar eclipse happened causing ever piece to perfectly create an engrossing spectacle. Melodrama that couldn’t be more immersive, cartoonish special effects that enhance the absurdity of action scenes, over the top crowd cheering moments that make me wanna roar with the characters, and of course the central brotherly love that our leads share for each other is so crystal clear and heartwarming to watch it just makes me care for them so fuckin much even after so many viewings. Also that three hour runtime couldn’t feel any breezier. Oh gosh! Oh gosh! Ahhh! Holy shit! 

Sorry for not having a unique take on this film or anything new to add to the discourse but what needs to be said about it has already been saided. Instead of sitting around twiddling your thumbs waiting for Hollywood to release a subpar blockbuster, how bout go to Netflix (as of rn, would recommend getting a physical copy) and spend the next three hours witnessinge one of the purest examples of what cinema can be. 

Side Note: Listening to Naatu Naatu at the gym is my saving grace.  

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