Moonlight ★★★★★

I watched this late last night after the Oscar's, giving me about two and a half hours of sleep but it was worth it. It's so magnificent. A lifetime of internalized pain and cyclical abuse and self-abuse systems repressed so deeply, something Barry Jenkins can amazingly filter down into three concise chapters. Everything in Chiron's world, not just the people but the architecture, the music, the air, has a visible, discernible effect on him -- we feel Juan's absence in the second and third acts the way Chiron does, we feel the heat sent away by the cool ocean breeze, we can see his pain in the way he stands, his determination in the way he walks, his fear in the way he looks. Movies this good rarely get made, and it feels so good, not just on an opinion-affirmation level but on a wide acknowledgement of stories rarely acknowledged on a nation scale level, to have this rightfully win Best Picture.

(I even paid $15 for a digital copy. I never pay more than, like, $5 for digital copies because if I'm gonna pay over $10 I'd like the packaging, special features, etc., but I physically could not wait one day more to watch this again.)

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