Just Friends

Just Friends ★★★★

okay this is a great rom-com that feels so early 2000s it's insane even though it was made in 2005 like seriously this movie needs to grow the fuck up. also this is a chirstmas movie which automatically makes it better than most movies. and ryan reynolds beating the shit out of people when he's not deadpool is so fucking funny but mainly i want to take this opportunity to talk about the masterpiece CRANK (2006). it came out a year after this. how the fuck. like amy smart did CRANK right after this. holy shit. CRANK is a cinematic revolution. it's the most insane action film of all time and it works brilliantly as a comedy too. that is a perfect film. amy smart was the object of affection in this, ryan reynolds had to work up all the energy in his body just to kiss amy smart. jason statham, dying, fucks the shit out of amy smart in the middle of chinatown, without hesitation. that's the holy revolutionary that CRANK is. please watch CRANK now. i don't care if you've seen it already, see it again. you remember when everyone on letterboxd watched RESIDENT EVIL and was like, "wow this is actually good," we need that to happen with CRANK (2006). this is a PSA. watch CRANK right fucking now.