The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book ★★★★★


This is of course the remake of the 1967 classic. You have Mowgli again being raised by the wolf pack and has to learn the ways of the jungle. Unfortunately the tiger Shea Khan tells the pack the truce is over and therefore Mowgli is fair game. Mowgli must now leave the pack and find his own way. Along the way he meets the classic characters from the original such as Baloo the bear and King Louie. This is one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen making fantastic use of CGI, and each character here has the perfect voice actor. Idris Elba as Shea Khan. Ben Kingsley as Bangheera, and the great Bill Murray as Baloo the friendly bear and King Louie is brought to life by the fantastic Christopher Walken. Theirs a furious pace and it’s so charming and has great humour and heart and Neel Sethi is terrific as young Mowgli. This is a movie that children will love and will bring out the child in all of us no matter how old. It’s a sheer joy

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