Rain Man

Rain Man ★★★★★


This revolves around Charlie Babett, a selfish yuppie that finds out his estranged millionaire father has just died. When he hears the will hearing he’s not to pleased to find out that his father has given him his award wining rose bushes and even less pleased to find our that a brother he never knew existed has just become the beneficiary of his fathers £3 million dollars. This starts Charlie finding out where his brother is. His brother is in the shape of Dustin Hoffman as Raymond who has been in a care home for the last 25 years. Raymond is an autistic savant. Charlie has a big deal that he doesn’t have enough cash to finance and sees his opportunity of taking Raymond and then bribing the head of the care home to get him back, as the care home has control of Raymond’s finances. This then turns into a road movie with Raymond and Charlie going across country. Hoffman is brilliant as Raymond absolutely convincing you of his autism. Cruise is also terrific as Charlie who’s the guy who starts off seeing Raymond as nothing more than a dollar sign but during his travels with him and finding out some past realisations his feelings start to change. This is an incredible film that’s as much about family and life as it is about autism. It’s surprisingly funny and hopeful for a drama about such a serious subject. It’s a touching movie that benefits massively from its two leads chemistry

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