Creed III

Creed III ★★★½


We find the plot starting about 20 years ago from now, letting us see a teenage Creed along with his then best friend Damion.Damion is a boxing prodigy looking set to make it as the “next big thing” until he gets arrested. Now we fast forward to the present day and Adonis has retired and is a boring promoter and gym owner scouting young talent. Of course Damon comes to see his old pal and asks Adonis if he could give him an opportunity to fight. Theirs no doubt this is a good film with terrific performances from Micheal .B Jordan and Johnathan Majors as well as Tessa Thompson. Theirs a lot of different plots going on simultaneously and it’s a character study of Adonis showing how the past can affect us and how complex life can be. It’s got some great fight scenes, and it’s well written. It doesn’t quite hit everything it aims for and I definitely missed the training montage, but overall it’s hard to complain. It doesn’t quite score a knockout in my opinion but it’s extremely emotional and hits hard enough to make it a deserving addition to the Creed franchise

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