The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★½

The Green Knight (2021) is the modern rendition of epic Arthurian tale. I used to be fancied by tales of Camelot, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table when I was a kid. I get older but I never tend to deep dive into Arthurian lore. Sure, I've heard the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight very briefly.

When it came to Arthurian legend, there are already so many iterations of it. We have several versions of same story dependent on story teller's agenda. So the myths can be kind of mixed up and you could have your own preference in every tale. I absolutely love David Lowery's work; Ain't Them Bodies Saint to The Old Man & the Gun. Of course, he also has his own agenda with The Green Knight. This type of storytelling and narrative is not done often these days. You could see some people hating on the film saying all style and no substance. I could understand why they hate on it. As you watch more movies, you will get used to all sorts of narrative. Not saying that I am better, I myself is kind of dumb and missed out some of the symbolisms in the movie. 

There are a lot of things I love here. Cinematography and soundtracks are superb. Colour changes according to the mood of the movie. Angelic voices in the background, very heavy. Tense conversations. The helplessness and struggles of a man. Calmness of a nature. A lot happened in 2hrs 9mins of the movie. (At least for me). I particularly love the sequence of "The Journey Out". The long shot of Gawain riding away as the kids fawned and vied for his attention. He ignored the kids and look like a man holding a pose until the shepherd crosses the path, leaving him alone, and then you can see that he is absolutely terrified. Gawain is a flaw character. It just highlighted one of his failure as a legendary type of knight that is expected in these stories. He want to live up to greatness, but doesn't really know what it looks like or how to get there. He hopes he will prove to be one but he keeps lacking that greatness. You can see how he failed every single quest on his journey. He broke the bargain and tried to cheat his way out of it. In the vision, we see what if he runs away. The sash will allow Gawain to live as a Great, but no longer a Good man. Ultimately, it will lead to death of his son and fall of his kingdom. So he chooses to die laying bare as a good man instead of lying to be a great one, which is what allows him to be both. In the beginning in the film, he wasn't ready to be a knight. He wasn't ready for the great things. In the end as he is about to lose his head also having realized what a life without honor is, he finally is ready for whatever comes next..

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