A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors ★★★½

Welcome To Prime Time Bitch.


Its weird seeing teenage Patricia Arquette being exactly like current era Patricia Arquette in it. I mean while it does show that she's always been a very solid actress, its somewhat weird seeing her here as the main teenager in trouble!

Its a good solid entry in the franchise, Freddy is still plenty menacing, not yet the joke a minute slightly more friendly boogie-man he would become...(as friendly as a guy gleefully killing people could be of course)

Its really only an all right movie tho on the whole tho--like the concept is good, the cast is above average (young Laurence Fishburne is here too!!!!) and some of the details of Freddy's various kills are neat. (His fingers turning into syringes is still pretty damn goosebump inducing--at least to me it was) but also you know there's also a lot of talky scenes where the characters are all trying to explain to one another what's happening and why its happening and how scared they are or how scared they're not (I Ain't Scared Of That Fool) leading to the usual scene where someone calls Freddy out (I'm gonna kick this guy's ass--i don't care how scary he thinks he is) all leading to the usual for the series moment where our leading teenager tries to take him on one on one in a final showdown and its fine but also you know what's gonna happen. (And that's a flaw in these movies Matthew?!?!?!? Well not a flaw, but i mean when you know the formula of these it kinda takes away from their potency)

Last thing--they never really explain how he comes back at the very end of the movie do they? I mean it doesn't really matter but you know it seemed like they did a good job offing him for good and then you know there he is again in time for the end credits and waiting for the next sequel to roll.

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