Logan ★★★★½

Logan is not just the unflinchingly brutal Wolverine film fans have waited on for years; it also takes the opportunity to embrace the possibilities of an R rated superhero film, unlike any that is gone before. Of course an R rating is not new to this genre. Kick Ass, Super and, recently, Deadpool are all examples of adaptations that used it to great comic effect. What Logan does with it is to create a much more adult X-Men film than any before.

It is unusual at first to see Professor X swearing or nudity in this franchise, but it is rewarding when the pay-off is a moving tribute and a closing chapter to the X-Men universe that manages to deliver some of the best action sequences of it's run, as well as an emotional gut punch in it's story.

The characters we've seen before get the best development. Jackman's Wolverine and Stewart's Xavier were beautifully written. I do have gripes with the villains, who were ultimately an underdeveloped mercenary characer and a painfully cliched mad scientest. But, of course, this isn't really their film; so it's a minor complaint.

I was pleasantly surprised by some of the ways it inverted genre conventions to create quieter character moments. There is a particular scene involving a farmer and his family that is surprisingly sweet and moving (even if the feeling is shortlived).   

The ending of the film definitely will tug on your heart strings; though I find myself wondering what the filmmakers were trying to say. I guess it's going to need a bit more pondering.

If you've been waiting to see a great adult Wolverine film with bloody deaths and Jackman swearing every other sentence, this will satisfy you; and it will also deliver an unexpected story kick. Easily the most adult storytelling we've seen in a superhero film and essential viewing for even casual fans of this series.