Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri ★★★★½

I am honestly surprised that this lost to The Shape of Water. I love both films, but Three Billboards just seems like a more Oscar type movie. With its subject rooted in politics and racism, this movie will be seen differently by people with differentiating political opinions. But most importantly, Three Billboards is a story about justice. With Mildred defying law enforcement and not caring about what people think about her whatsoever, on top of Frances McDormand's incredible performance, Mildred has immediately becomes one of my favorite movie characters. This film is a lot like Promising Young Woman in a way, with main characters who are trying to find a way to bring justice to someone who brought immense harm to someone important to them. Three Billboards goes about this in a more cohesive way then PYM, with Mildred’s motivations never in doubt, and with a clear force that she is in opposition with. Not only do I absolutely agree with the politics of this film, but I also think that it was pure cinematic excellence. Instantly one of my all time favorites. 

#24 on my Top 50 favorites

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