Black Widow

Black Widow ★★

Black Widow is simply a film that is mediocre no matter which way you look at it, even for MCU standards. It’s not like I expected this movie to break new ground or anything, but it makes absolutely no effort to break out of that traditional Marvel formula that we see time and time again. It is with this film that I have lost all hope in Marvel’s ability to make a competent standalone film that they don’t feel the need to awkwardly tie into their universe to set up possible sequels/follow up films. I am really disappointed to see Florence Pugh go down the Marvel route for her career, but it pays, so I can’t really blame her. But on the flip side, it’s good to finally see Scarlett Johansson finally get out of the MCU bubble and finally be able to take serious roles more consistently. I think that Florence Pugh has a very bright future ahead of her, despite her involvement in the MCU, and Scarlett Johansson has already established herself as one of the greatest actresses working today. 

Now to talk about the actual performances in Black Widow itself, nothing really stood out, as per usual in Marvel movies. Johansson’s performance was still the highlight for me, even though everyone seems to really be enjoying Pugh’s performance. The problem with this movie is that it doesn’t really lend itself to good performances because, like.. nothing interesting happens. A good hour and thirty minutes of this movie is pure exposition and backstory for Natasha, which I don’t mind since we didn’t learn much about her in the Avengers movies, but Marvel makes absolutely no effort to make her story seem interesting. The pacing is off too, with some scenes feeling too abrupt, and some scenes feeling bloated and too sentimental. The so called “climax” of this film feels incoherent and insanely contrived. The stakes in this film are so low because this is the most unnecessary movie the MCU has ever done. (Endgame spoiler) Natasha is dead, so what is the point of this movie? The only reason the MCU made this movie was to introduce Florence Pugh’s character to incorporate her into future Marvel movies. Some people enjoy this ever expanding universe, but the making of a film for this purpose alone just feels shallow above all else. Unless you are a huge fan of the MCU, do not waste your time with Black Widow. 

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